German articles,
the easy way!

Up to 80% faster,
with less effort.

German articles,
the easy way!

Up to 80% faster,
with less effort.

gender of the noun

Der, Die, or Das?

Is this noun Masculine, Feminine, or Neuter? Der, die, or das? When learning the German language, this is essential knowledge. 

Knowing the gender of a noun is required to be able to apply the right grammar with certainty. There are some tips & tricks, but much of it is learning it by heart.

Do yourself a huge favour and learn it from the get to. It will boost your German language skills.

With Article Guru, learning the genders of nouns is easy, fun, won’t take much time, and it will benefit a lifetime.

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Our unique learning method

How Article Guru helps you learn effortless

We have developed a unique method for you to effectively learn the right articles (der, die, das) to nouns. knowing the right article is a precondition for applying the correct grammar.

Most common Nouns

Article Guru has ordered the words you learn by how often they appear in real life. You start with the most common ones. 

Artificial Intelligence

We constantly recalculate what to show you based on your answers. We also use data from all other people using our app.

We made it fun!

We added elements to stimulate you. Follow your progress and level up with every 100 words you have mastered.

Article Guru to learn faster

Article Guru is an application for your mobile phone that is specially designed to help you learn the genders of German nouns. Through a simple and playful interface we help you to learn effectively. More »

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